Game of Summoner

Game of Summoner 2.2.0

Defend and explore the fantastic land of Antalanzel

Play Game of Summoner for Android OS and take the role of a powerful summoner, able to bring forth Heroes and Monsters to aid you battle as you fight . Acquire your base heroes then start evolving, upgrading, training and equipping them to make a devastating team against the tide of darkness that threatens to overwhelm the land. Place your units on the field of battle and use their individual skills to achieve victory.

  • 100's of heroes and monsters to collect and upgrade. Each hero has its own rarity, element and skills. Evolve units to unlock new strengths and powers or even combine two different heroes to find a combination that's one-of-a-kind!
  • Unique strategy and board based movement means that each battle is unique and requires special attention to win.
  • Explore the world and battle monsters in dungeons in order to discover loot and rare artifacts to make your units even more powerful.
  • Compete in PvP, either one on one against friends or enemies or else in the giant 16 v 16 real time battle arena! Enter if you dare, and strive to emerge the victor!
  • Play how you want with multiple game modes including exciting adventures, dangerous dungeons, gigantic boss battles, player vs. player, and more. Updates and frequent events keep the game new and fresh
  • Guilds and in game chat are features that will be added soon in up coming updates.

  • Impressive art for all unit profiles, rendering unique looks for all Heroes and their upgraded forms.
  • The world of Antalanzel needs heroes to fight against the dark forces that threaten it. Raise your army, train and forge it into a precision fighting force and take up the fight as a powerful summoner in Game of Summoner. You'll be glad you did.

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    Game of Summoner


    Game of Summoner 2.2.0

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